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Easily find, contact and receive a quick response from bloggers & journalists for product review or press coverage.

How it works
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How it works

1. Find your target blogs

We provide you a list of blogs using our platform. You can use advanced filters to select the potential blogs to whom you’d like to pitch your awesome product.

2. Pitch your product

Craft your product pitch and send it to the selected blogs.

3. Get replies instantly

Blogs will reply back within 48 hours. Even if your pitch is declined, a feedback will be provided. Bloggers and journalists will be rewarded based on their feedback quality and responsiveness.

We Make It Easy For You!

Gone are the days when you had to manually gather the email addresses of bloggers and journalists, contact them and wait for days or even weeks to hear back from them. Using our platform, you can do all of these in a matter of minutes and receive a response instantly.

Benefits of using Submize


Search a huge database of available blogs by industry, reach, social following and many more powerful filters.

Quick Response

No need to wait in vain for a reply. Using our platform, you will be gauranteed that bloggers and journalists will respond within 48 hours, even if your submission is declined.

Time Saving

Rather than spending hours finding and emailing related bloggers and journalists, you can use Submize to search for potential blogs, contact them in an instant and receive replies in a short time.

Valuable Feedback

Even if your submission is declined, you will receive feedback about your product and suggestions for improvement.

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